Watch the video recordings of droidcon Berlin 2014!


The video recordings from our sixth droidcon in Berlin are online. This year's slogan was “Android everywhere” - speakers and participants discussed the Android ecosystem at the conference and barcamp. For those of you who could not attend in person, there's now the possibility to watch some of the talks at home.

We had keynote speakers from Google, Facebook, Spotify and other big companies. Erik Hellman from Spotify opened the conference with a presentation on his book „Android Programming: Pushing the Limits“. He gave insights on how to optimize the background processing and talked about best-practices for content providers. A more political view on Android and the connections between the sensitivity towards data privacy on mobile devices and the case of Snowden-Leaks gave the presentation „Android beyond Snowden“. In this talk Ralf C. Staudemeyer and Herbert Braun from c't magazine discussed how users turn the standard Android phone into a device which gives us significant more control over our data. Besides, there were many more great speakers like Heike Ritter from Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, who introduced the audience to how to securely manage Android devices within an enterprise environment.

Watch all videos on our youtube channel: droidcon Berlin 2014 playlist