droidcon Preview No. 2: How Design and Timing make Apps successful


droidcon Berlin No. 6 is no more than two weeks ahead. To give you an idea of the conference’s highlights and to make you even more curious we are featuring a particular talk respectively a topic once or twice a week.


After shedding some light, in the first preview, to what Android is used for in the healthcare sector, we would now like to direct your attention to the topic of design.


The more apps are out there and the deeper Android dives into everyday life – private as well as business and science – the more important it gets that user interfaces (UI) really do what they are supposed to do: intuitively guide users through what an app can do and how it can do it, resulting in a satisfying user experience (UX).


This is not yet as easy as it should be, states Juhani Lehtimäki. He works for the product design company Snapp Solutions as head of Android development and wrote the book “Smashing Android UI”. On the one hand the existing design guidelines leave developers some freedom for being creative. But they also open up a reasonable potential for making mistakes, warns Juhani. In his talk he will demonstrate how to avoid design flaws when writing and customising apps and how to correctly use Android UI design patterns.


Timing in User Interfaces is what André Schmidt focuses on in his talk. He works as Lead Developer and Evangelist for Bremen-based Enough Software. Whether or not an app is successful highly depends on how it deals with time, he states. This is very obvious: If we like an app or not is very closely connected with satisfying answers to questions like the following: How long does it take for an app to launch? Do buttons react quickly enough? Are downloads quick or sluggish? André will showcase how to create an instant feeling in short in-app processes and how to design and present long processes in a way that keeps users engaged.


The next post will be about security topics in the droidcon program. Stay tuned!